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What is Graphic Design?


Graphic design has one goal: using visual elements like text and colour to communicate information in a way that is easy for people to understand. Wherever you go, everything you see – street signs, products on store shelves, posters, advertisements and more - is a product of graphic design.

In order for your marketing campaign to be a success, you have to think about what message you want to convey to your customers, whether it’s through a website, newsletter, or commercial. A graphic designer will help you use colour, shape, typography and contrast to make sure that your company’s product or service will look compelling and memorable to customers.

A good graphic designer will want to know as much about your needs as possible: Who is your target audience? Will your advertisement be in print or online? What is your brand, and how do you want to make it stand out in a crowded marketplace?

When crafting a marketing campaign, you and your graphic designer will have to consider several important elements, including:
  • - How to make sure that your campaign looks interesting and dynamic while still keeping it consistent with other aspects of  your brand.
  • - What your competitors are doing, and whether their efforts have been successful.
  • - How to adapt your campaign to different mediums (e.g., print, online, TV, etc).

A good designer should be able to communicate well and come up with several different ideas to get the ball rolling. However, true success rests in collaboration – graphic design is very much a process of getting out what you put in, and involves more than just drawing or working with Photoshop. A graphic designer can often provide other services like consulting and user experience design. The more information you’re willing to give your designer, and the more suggestions you’re willing to take from them, the better.

Marketing in a busy, growing city like Toronto requires a special combination of high-quality skills and local knowledge.  If you’re looking for graphic design experts that understand Toronto’s marketplace, Exclaim Marketing, Print, and Web is an excellent choice. Exclaim is an independent creative agency that focuses on working with small and medium-sized business to help them deliver an effective message and gain visibility.

We enjoy the creative process of working with clients one-on-one, and our one-stop-shop for web design, print design, and branding services ensures that you’ll get a final product that is seamless in design and execution. Most importantly, we work to make sure that what we provide fits your company’s marketing strategy. If you’re looking for graphic designers who understand your needs and can provide all the services needed to help you build and grow your brand, then call Exclaim today.

Alex Stojkovic

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